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All are mp3 or m4a, albums are zipped.

Tokio Hotel (I share the obsession because I love you. ^^)
Tokio Hotel - Zimmer 483 (album)
Tokio Hotel - various songs in English
Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsun (orchestra)
Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsun (acoustic)
Tokio Hotel - Monsun o Koete (partially-in-Japanese version of the above song. endearing pronunciation. ^^)
Tokio Hotel - Rette Mich (acoustic) (if you download one individual song, get this one. it's SO PRETTY.)
Tokio Hotel - Schrei (Orchestra)
Tokio Hotel - Schrei (2006) (i.e. Schrei, after Bill's voice changed. XD)
Tokio Hotel - Schrei (acoustic)

Arabic pop (mostly Amr Diab, who is awesome. Laura, you'd like him, he's a bit like Tarkan, except Egyptian and singing in Arabic. ^^)
Amina - Lirrili
Amr Diab - El Lilady
Amr Diab - Hikayat
Amr Diab - Inta El Ghaly
Amr Diab - Ne'Oul Eih (this song was everywhere we went in Egypt, and it's quickly moving up my most played list on iTunes.)
Amr Diab - Rohy Mertahalak
Amr Diab - Toul Ma'an Shaifak

AAA (happyhappyjoyjoy! yay J-pop. I wish I'd thought to get one of their CDs in Japan, I only discovered them AFTER I got back.)
AAA - Kuchibiru kara Romantica
AAA - Minna Star! (Japanese version of "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical. I think there's a few of you out there who'd be interested in this. XD)
AAA - Samurai Heart

Other random mp3s (remixes, etc.)
30 Seconds to Bjork (a mash-up of 30STM's cover of "Hunter" with Bjork's original. very cool!)
30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill (acoustic)
3 AM ft. Tracey Cole - Stars Are Blind (yeah, someone made that infernal Paris Hilton song good. *gasp!* It's all technofied and fun and with an actual good vocalist.)
Adam and Andrew - Emo Kid
Almost Better - Pieces of Me (and this is a male vocalist doing the Ashlee Simpson song. ^^)
DeVotchKa - You Love Me
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Arabic remix)(this is SO COOL.)
Kelis vs. Rachid Taha - Ya Bossy (Ya Rayah vs. Bossy) (HANDS DOWN, this is the hottest song I have up here. Whoo. In case you didn't notice, I collect these sort of East-meets-West mashups.)
t.A.T.u - Craving (Bollywood mix) (also very cool, check it out)


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