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Basically, this community is for me to tell the world what music I think is totally flippin' awesome. Your mileage may vary, so no flaming. My music posts are in the form of "top 10 songs on so-and-so theme" - if i feel like it, sometimes I'll put up yousendit files of the songs. No promises, though. ^^

And yes, I like music that other people may have heard of. Suck it. XD

Inspired by i_dodeclare, my buddy legsdiamond's recs journal - go look at hers!
'90s music, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, aerosmith, alanis morissette, alice nine, amr diab, anything with a beat, apocalyptica, asian kung-fu generation, asobi seksu, bhangra, bjork, bond, cali//gari, celtic, celtic punk, cherry filter, chick music, christina aguilera, cibo matto, cobra starship, david bowie, david usher, ddr, dead can dance, dir en grey, disney, do as infinity, dresden dolls, dropkick murphys, electro, emilie autumn, enigma, enya, escape key, f.i.r., filk, flogging molly, franz ferdinand, freezepop, frou frou, gazette, glam rock, gnarls barkley, go!go!7188, gorillaz, goth, gwen stefani, gym class heroes, hamasaki ayumi, harry and the potters, hello! project, hide, iamx, immortal technique, imogen heap, incubus, inkubus sukkubus, interpol, inugami circus-dan, j-pop, j-rock, jay chou, jump little children, kagrra, kalan porter, kylie minogue, lady sovereign, loreena mckennitt, luna sea, m.i.a., malice mizer, mc lars, mediaeval baebes, miyavi, modest mouse, mp3s, music, musicals, my chemical romance, natacha atlas, nightwish, nine inch nails, no doubt, nobuo uematsu, olivia, onmyou-za, orange range, our lady peace, p!nk, panic! at the disco, panic*ch, peaches, pimping, ping pung, placebo, poe, psycho le cemu, puffy amiyumi, rancid, recs, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, republica, rie fu, robots in disguise, rock, rufus wainwright, sakamoto maaya, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, shakira, shiina ringo, silly wizard, siouxsie and the banshees, sleater-kinney, sneaker pimps, soundtracks, spice girls, sufjan stevens, susan egan, sweetbox, switchblade kittens, t.a.t.u, tarkan, techno, the beatles, the brilliant green, the faint, the hush sound, the pillows, the trax, tommy heavenly6, tori amos, trance, tsunami bomb, utada hikaru, varttina, wizard rock, world music, x japan, yoko kanno, younha, yousendit, zemfira